Maggie Mac Neil Wins Canada’s First Gold In Tokyo Olympics

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Maggie Mac Neil Wins Canada’s First Gold In Tokyo Olympics

Olympic swimmer Margaret “Maggie” Mac Neil brings home Canada’s first gold medal in the 100m butterfly at the 2021 Olympics.

According to Swimming Canada, Mac Neil had already won notable awards and set records before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Her first world championships was the 2019 FINA World Championships in Korea. She set a Canada and Americas record and won gold in the 100 meter butterfly event. And in the 2021 NCAA Swimming Championships, she won and set a NCAA record in the 100-yard butterfly. She also won the 100-yard freestyle.

These two wins make her the first woman in history to go under 49 seconds in the 100-yard butterfly, and the third fastest performer in history in the 100-yard freestyle. She came into the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with many accolades on her belt and brought home the first Gold Medal for Canada in the 100 meter butterfly event.

Another Canadian who brought home the gold was Maude Charron, who won the 64kg weightlifting finals.  She lifted 236kg (520lbs).  According to the Canadian Olympic Committee’s website, she is the second Canadian gold medal winner in Olympic weightlifting. She is also the first Quebec-born Olympic gold medal winner.

[Featured Image Source: Ryunosuke Kikuno via Unsplash]

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