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Two-Thirds Of Canadians Support A COVID-19 Curfew, According To A Recent Poll

By Secret Edmonton

The majority of Canadians think it’d be better to stay home at night if things start to get really bad.

It seems Canadians are on board to go home early if the going gets tougher. According to a recent survey conducted by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies, 67% of Canadians are in favour of a temporary curfew from 10 pm to 5 am to curb the spread of COVID-19 if the situation gets severe.

The poll findings varied by age group and revealed that support for nighttime curfews tends to increase with age, with 55% of respondents aged 18–34 indicating they would back a curfew while 80% of those aged 65 and over endorse it. Furthermore, the survey results show that those in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are less warm to the idea of a curfew (with less than 2/3 in favour), whereas over 70% of respondents in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Atlantic provinces would be for it. Regardless, across provinces and age groups, the majority of the 1,534 adult Canadians surveyed would approve of a curfew if the pandemic continues to worsen in Canada.

Several provincial governments have been contemplating the idea of a curfew as COVID-19 case numbers continue to soar, but nothing official has been imposed to date.

Image via Leger’s November 9th weekly survey results

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